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  • Chris is the greatest! He took my phone call both of the first two times I called and gave me very helpful information to get started. He made me feel comfortable and important, in that he expressed genuine concern for my situation and gave me prompt, courteous attention. I would recommend him for anyone I know, including family and friends.

    Roger Vincent
  • Since I have known Chris all his life, he has always strived to be the best in whatever he has accomplished. I called him to ask him a question on Wills and Trust and he was so helpful with guiding me in the right direction. He doesn’t even practice in my state but took the time I needed to ease my concerns. As a lawyer I wish he was licensed in Delaware because Chris would be my number one choice. His knowledge and kindness can not be matched by another.

    Judith Gladnick
  • Mr. Layton is extremely talented, resourceful, and effective. His responsive and understanding manner made him easy to talk to and work with. I had a difficult legal matter and was extremely frustrated to approach dealing with it or discussing it, but he put my mind at ease, provided amazing advice, and solved my issue quickly. I have never had such stellar assistance from a lawyer who is competent and kind.

    Blayr Nias
  • Not only was Chris easy to talk to and a super cool guy, but he really knows his stuff! Really trustworthy guy and made dealing with my case easy and quick. I feel confident in recommending him to everyone I know, and even people I don’t. Best lawyer hands down!

    Ryan Van Genderen


  • Debt Settlement

    Debt settlement and bankruptcy go hand in hand. As a result, I routinely speak with clients about pursuing both options, depending upon the specific circumstances.  Depending upon the client’s needs, we may choose to pursue debt settlement over bankruptcy. My goal in each of those conversations with a client is to understand what’s at stake…

  • Passengers In An Auto Accident

    Passengers in an auto accident are in a unique position: they generally have two parties they can potentially recover from, the driver of the car they were traveling in, and the driver of the other vehicle. While fault is an important part of determining which driver to pursue, there are times where a passenger in…

  • Minor Auto Accidents

    Your auto accident or motorcycle accident is important to us, no matter how minor. Even in cases or claims where most of the damage is property damage (vs. personal injury or bodily injury), we can and want to help. Clients quite often don’t know what their rights are in an auto accident, and it’s not…

  • Chapter 7 — Qualifying For Bankruptcy

    One of the myths around qualifying for bankruptcy is that if you make more than a certain amount of income you cannot file. The truth is whether you qualify for bankruptcy is typically determined by examining both your income and your debts and expenses, as a whole. If you make less than the median income…