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Miles and Miles of Coastline

The lakes surrounding Charlotte, NC offer endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation; however, with Lake Norman alone boasting 520 miles of shoreline, there are bound to be boating accidents. When clients call our office with questions about boating accidents, quite often they are looking for clarification around determining fault. The reason for this is that the “rules of the road” are not as clearly defined in the water as they are on our roads and highways.

Boating accidents can be the result of two boats colliding, boats colliding with obstacles in the water, or mechanical failures of the boat. When you add the likelihood of swimmers, water skiers, and unrestrained passengers, the outcome can be deadly. All too often, alcohol is a contributing factor in boating accidents, and inebriated boat operators face additional charges for Boating While Intoxicated (BWI).

Common Injuries in Boating Accidents

Injuries resulting from boating accidents can be similar to those resulting from car accidents; however, with the presence of water there is the ever-present threat of drowning. Common injuries include:

  • Drowning
  • Broken Bones
  • Concussions
  • Property Damage
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Injuries to Children
  • Injuries to the Elderly

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission compiles annual statistics related to boating accidents which can be viewed HERE.

Speak With A Boating Accident Attorney

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fair settlement

Everyone wants a fair personal injury settlement, and over the years, we have found that most personal injury clients’ primary desire is to be treated fairly. They are not looking for a pay day. That being said, clients calling to discuss their personal injury claim with us routinely ask what their claim is worth. While we hesitate to predict what an individual might receive in a personal injury settlement or a jury verdict, we consult a few factors to assist us:

Who Was At Fault

Parties often disagree on who was at fault for in any given auto accident or slip and fall claim. Quite often, in a car accident, both parties experience injuries as a result of the accident. The key to being compensated for your injuries begins with convincing the opposing insurance company their driver was at fault. If you can’t prove liability (in court) or convince the other side to accept liability (in or out of court), then regardless of your injuries, you will not recovery anything. This factor takes on a more complicated analysis when the injury is the result of a slip and fall accident.

Valuing Your Injury

Insurance companies and juries will typically value your injuries based on some factor of your medical billing, together with lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other special circumstances your injury caused or will cause in the future. Your disability rating is considered together with these factors, if you have one. Mecklenburg county juries are conservative when it comes to damages for personal injury plaintiffs. While this is reflected when an insurance company offers a settlement amount, you’ll find your personal injury attorney will add value to your case by defending your right to be compensated fairly.

Defining Fairness

Every personal injury client is different, and every fact scenario is different. Fairness is subjective. That being said, we maximize your settlement by employing our experience and resources to defend against denials of liability and low settlement offers. The choice is yours whether to settle or not; we are here to provide you guidance in that decision when the time comes.

Take Next Steps

Take the next step and call a Charlotte personal injury lawyer today. We conduct phone consultations at no charge. You will come away from the phone call with a much better understanding of what your options are. We would love to partner with you in your journey toward resolving your personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you would like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to request a call. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Charlotte car wreck attorney

Finding the right Charlotte car wreck attorney can be challenging, and it’s arguably the most important part of your fight against insurance companies who want to deny your claim or make you a low offer. It is our opinion that there are numerous Charlotte car wreck attorneys who will achieve a great result for you. That’s why it’s not only important to find a capable personal injury attorney, but also one who you will work well with for the duration of your auto accident case.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Charlotte Car Wreck Attorney

The following factors will help dictate the outcome of your personal injury case, together with the experience you have with your injury lawyer along the way:

  • Availability: It’s quite common for a law firm to be available when they are signing on to represent your case, but then it becomes impossible to get the lawyer on the phone or get an update on your case as things move forward. Personal injury lawyers are busy, but there is no excuse for this. Make sure the firm allows you to speak directly with your lawyer, and ask the lawyer up front how often they will update you on your case as things progress.
  • Fees: Most Charlotte car wreck attorneys follow the same fee structure, which is known as a contingency fee. In other words, if you don’t get paid, the attorney doesn’t get paid. This is important, because you don’t want to go into debt to your personal injury lawyer before you ever even reach a settlement or jury verdict. The Layton Law Firm, like most other firms, has a contingency fee agreement with clients for 1/3 of the settlement if an agreement is reached prior to filing a lawsuit.
  • Experience: It’s fair to ask your Charlotte car wreck attorney about their experience. Have they handled cases similar to yours in the past? What do they see at the top obstacles in a case like yours? Asking these questions should get a valuable conversation started between you and your personal injury lawyer, and you should start to get a feel for whether the lawyer you’re speaking with is the right fit.
  • Co-Counsel: Ask your Charlotte car wreck lawyer if they are open to working with co-counsel if necessary on your case. This is an agreement where your lawyer pairs with another lawyer or law firm, due to the need for additional resources, or even perhaps because another attorney specializes in courtroom litigation while your personal injury lawyer specializes in pre-litigation and settlement work. The Layton Law Firm routinely pairs with other lawyers on complex cases and claims. There is no additional expense to the persona injury client in this scenario, as the lawyers share the attorney fee among themselves, with your approval.
  • Specific Attorney/Paralegal Assignment: Your Charlotte car wreck attorney should be able to commit to assigning a specific attorney and a specific paralegal to your case. This eliminates the need to speak with numerous individuals at the law firm every time you need an update on your case. You should be given a way to directly contact the lawyer and/or the paralegal, by phone or email.

Contacting A Charlotte Car Wreck Attorney

Fortunately for clients, personal injury consultations at our firm are performed at no charge. We will ask you a few questions about your injury and the facts surrounding it, and then do our best to evaluate your case with you over the phone. While we can not promise results, we will give you what we believe to be an honest assessment of your situation, as compared to the laws and case history of North Carolina.

Requesting A Personal Injury Consultation

If you would like to speak with a Charlotte car wreck attorney, it’s simple. Give us a call at 704.749.7747 and an attorney will take the call or return your call before the end of the day. If you’d like us to call you instead, simply click HERE and request a consultation. Most consultations are performed over the phone for convenience, and you’ll get the advice and help you need as quickly as possible. We know you have choices, and we hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

negligent homeowner

Negligent homeowners beware: it’s Halloween and you’re getting visitors. North Carolina premises liability law governs whether you will be held liability for injuries sustained on your property. With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll no doubt be getting lots of guests to your property, whether you like it or not. Most of these guests are small children who will be running through the dark of night toward your front door in hopes of scoring lots of candy. But what happens if they trip and fall along the way?

The Basics of Premises Liability Law in NC

Property owners have a duty to keep their property safe. Negligent homeowners will pay the price for failing to do so, as the rules of negligence in personal injury extend not only to retail property owners, but also to homeowners. In some instances there are conditions which are dangerous or potentially dangerous. If the property owner can not remedy those conditions, there is at the very least a duty to warn your visitors and guests of the dangerous conditions, especially if it’s reasonable to expect visitors.

In addition to the potential for a trick-or-treater falling on your property, you should also beware that Halloween is a time where the family dog may not be so fond of visitors dressed in strange costumes. It’s reasonable to expect dog bites and injuries related to dog attacks to increase during Halloween, and the property owner or dog owner can be held liable for the attack, especially if the dog has a documented history of such behavior.

Am I A Negligent Homeowner?

Each claim against a negligent homeowner in a personal injury matter essentially requires that the components of Negligence are satisfied in order for the plaintiff to successfully prove their case. Those elements are:

  • The homeowner owed a duty to the injured party
  • The duty was breached
  • The breach of that duty gave rise to the injury in question
  • There were damages resulting directly from the injury

There are numerous instances where a homeowner may in fact be negligent; however, if there are no damages resulting from that negligence, there is no claim to be pursued by the other party. For example, a homeowner who fails to maintain his walkway may have breached his duty to his guest. If that guest trips and falls because of this failure to maintain the walkway, the guest is well on their way to having a negligence claim against the property owner. However, consider that in some instances the trip and fall victim lands softly in the grass, gets up, wipes the grass stains off of their pants, and realizes they are not injured. In this case, there is no viable claim for recovery under the principle of Negligence, as the fourth prong of Negligence has not been met: there are no damages (other than a bruised ego from falling in front of friends).

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?

As with most negligence claims, you have three years from the date of the accident to settle the claim or file a lawsuit. This is known as the statute of limitations. This three-year time frame gives the injured party enough time to realize the full extent of their injuries. It also gives the injured party enough time to receive treatment for those injuries and obtain representation (i.e. get a personal injury lawyer) so that they may recover from the negligent homeowner.

Call A Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer Today

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medical payments

Medical Payments coverage (or “Med Pay”) is an available amount of money which can be applied directly to your outstanding medical bills. These funds are in addition to any settlement you reach with an insurance company related to a car accident or a slip and fall in North Carolina. This article will help you to understand Medical Payments coverage and how it works in the personal injury arena. Additionally, please feel free to reach out to us HERE if you have any questions.

Medical Payments Eligibility

Not every auto insurance policy contains Med Pay coverage; however, if you purchased Med Pay coverage, you declarations page will list the coverage. You can also call your insurance agent or insurance company to ask. In order to access Medical Payments coverage under your auto insurance policy, your medical bills must have been generated from an injury sustained in a car accident.

Medical bills resulting from an injury sustained on a business property may also be entitled to Med Pay coverage. Your personal injury lawyer will inquire as to whether the premises liability coverage maintained by the business owner contains Medical Payments coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage And Personal Injury Settlement

Your settlement with an insurance company for a liability claim stemming from a car accident or slip and fall on a business premise will not be affected by the Med Pay coverage. This coverage is separate from your personal injury settlement. When Medical Payments coverage is available, quite often it means that the funds from your personal injury settlement will be spent less on medical bills and more money will go to you, the injured person.

Medical Payments And Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Your personal injury attorney is not permitted to take a 1/3 contingency fee from your Medical Payments proceeds; however, most personal injury attorneys charge a small administrative charge for processing the Med Pay check and orchestrating the claim with the insurance adjuster. This is the customary and allowable practice in North Carolina.

Do I Have Medical Payments Coverage?

Call our office today and we can help you determine if you have Med Pay coverage. We will explain the process for obtaining the benefits of that coverage, and discuss your personal injury claim with you as well. You can reach us at 704.749.7747 or click HERE to request a call. We’re here to help and we hope you choose to Recover With Us.

Further Reading

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air bag injuries

Are you the victim of an air bag injury? Air bag injuries sustained in an auto accident are common occurrences. Personal injury clients call our office every day and describe the air bag injuries they’ve sustained. Your personal injury claim will compensate you for all injuries sustained as a result of the accident, including but not limited to, air bag injuries.

Air Bag Injuries and Medical Records

Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer should ask you for a detailed list of your injuries. Your injury lawyer should also thoroughly review your medical records with you, which is done in preparation for detailing all injuries you sustained in your auto accident. If you told your doctor that your air bag deployed in the accident, those notes will be contained in the medical records. Your attorney will retrieve your medical records for you as part of your personal injury representation.

The following air bag injuries are common in auto accidents. Compensation can be sought for each:

  • Bruising / Contusions
  • Concussion
  • Broken jaw or fragmented bone
  • Death

Air Bag Injuries and Personal Injury

Air bag injuries are often a natural byproduct of your auto accident. If the air bag was defective, you may pursue a claim against the vehicle manufacturer. Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will discuss your options with you. Generally, you can pursue the driver of the vehicle that caused the auto accident, and include your air bag injury in your request for compensation under that personal injury claim.

Compensation for Air Bag Injuries

You are entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Disfigurement
  • Bodily Injury
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent Disability
  • Death

Together, these damages constitute your persona injury claim.

Call A Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney

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Bike accidents in Charlotte, NC increase annually as the city grows. Smart bicyclists follow the rules of the road when they are out riding. Bicycle owners ensure their safety by increasing their knowledge of these rules. Recognize that according to N.C.G.S. Sec. 20-4.01(49):

bicycles shall be deemed vehicles and every rider of a bicycle upon a highway shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter

Avoiding Bike Accidents

To avoid bike accidents, start by abiding by the rules of the road. Bicycles are treated as vehicles, per the statute above. Generally, this means the bicycle rules of the road are the same rules that a car follows, including the following: yield to traffic already established in the roadway, drive on the right side of the road, yield before entering a primary road, and yield before moving laterally or turning.  These rules were created for your personal safety and should be followed. A great many bicycle accidents could be avoided if more of us followed these guidelines.

When to Yield

  • To established traffic
  • Before turning or moving laterally (an exception is when you have a green arrow)
  • Before entering a primary roadway (from a side street or otherwise)
  • Stop signs, one way streets, traffic lights, etc

Safety Requirements and Personal Injury

If you are injured in an accident with a vehicle, quite often the insurance company representing the driver will want to know whether you had reflective wear or if you were wearing bright clothing. The success of a bicycle personal injury claim or a pedestrian personal injury claim can turn on this point. Not only should reflectors and lights be worn on the person, but they should also be attached to the bicycle and helmet.

Pedestrians are not as easily visible as other vehicles, which may be equipped with bright lights and reflectors. The size of another vehicle such as a car, generally means it will be noticed. When you’re walking or operating a bicycle, not only are you typically on the ‘side’ of the road, but additionally you are a smaller object occupying less space in the field of vision of other drivers. As a result, you can avoid accidents by taking extra safety precautions. These same precautions provide you with legal protection in the event you are injured by another driver.

Are Bicycles/Bicyclists Treated as Vehicles or as Pedestrians?

Bicyclists on some occasions are considered pedestrians, rather than being considered operators of a vehicle (bicycle). One example is where someone on a bicycle is riding the bicycle on the sidewalk. In some instances, this individual will be treated as a pedestrian, for legal purposes, or it will be argued that by failing to operate the bicycle in a manner designed to alert other drivers of his presence, the bicyclist has compromised his or her rights against other drivers.

BikeWalk NC

BikeWalk NC is a great resource for rules of the road for bicyclists as well as other material. You can access it HERE.

Call A Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been injured while riding a bicycle, please call us to find out your rights. We are more than happy to hear your story and give you a complimentary assessment of your case or claim. If we can’t take your case for some reason, we will help to refer you to another lawyer that we trust, who can assist you. If you’d like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to send us a request for a phone consultation. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Workers’ Comp: Claims and Benefits

To apply for a Workers’ Comp claim you will have to establish that the injury was within the scope of employment. Otherwise you may not be able to file for a Workers’ Comp claim. Generally, if your injury was sustained while within the scope of employment, your lawyer and doctor will work together to make a determination regarding the benefits you deserve.


Your Workers’ Comp lawyer will generally negotiate with the insurance adjuster for the employer’s insurance company regarding your missed pay or wages, as well as any percentage impairment you’re entitled to receive. Keep in mind that if you have a Workers’ Comp claim you can’t also pursue a personal injury claim against the employer for the same incident. You do not however, have to prove negligence in order to file a Workers’ Comp claim.

Workers’ Comp Denied?

There are many reasons that your Workers’ Comp claim can be denied. Perhaps your injury was not being within the scope of employment, you perhaps you failed to file within the required amount of time. Additionally, a Workers’ Comp claim or the value of the claim, can be compromised if you failed to seek proper medical treatment for your injury.


If your claim is denied, you can appeal the denial of your claim. The denial letter should provide a certain amount of days by which you need to appeal, otherwise your right to appeal will be lost. You will be asked to provide any medical or employment documentation of your injury in your appeal. If you do decide to appeal it is an arduous process best undertaken by an attorney who can adequately assist you in protecting your rights.


Returning To Work Early

Your doctor will be the voice of reason when it comes to returning to work. While youyou’re your lawyer will maintain contact with the employer or their insurance adjuster during your absence, it is not unusually to return to “light duty” work assignments as you heal from your injury.


Employers are allowed to replace injured workers, however, and you should be prepared that you may lose your position due to extensive time away from the job. If you return to work with another employer, keep in mind that may have ramifications on your Workers’ Comp claim—your lawyer should be consulted before you engage in employment with another employer.


Components of A Settlement

Workers’ Comp covers wage loss benefits and medical expenses, but to the surprise of most clients, it does not provide for pain and suffering. You also cannot sue for cause of disability or cause of injury within your Workers’ Comp claim. Future earning capacity should be addressed in your claim, and these benefits are calculated in a similar manner to your permanent or partial disability benefits.


What Your Attorney Can Do For You

Your attorney can help you determine the value of your Workers’ Comp claim as well as file the claim, manage it on your behalf, and negotiate your best result. Your attorney will fight to help you receive the benefits you deserve. Your Workers’ Comp attorney will also help to ensure that your claim and you are both taken care of in the most efficient and caring way.

Call A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Today

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, please call us to find out your rights. We are more than happy to hear your story and give you a complimentary assessment of your case or claim. If we can’t take your case for some reason, we will help refer you to another trusted lawyer or law firm that can assist you. If you’d like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to send us a request for a phone consultation. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Although the Fourth of July celebrations are behind us, firework displays will continue to entertain spectators throughout the summer season, whether at city and town parks, baseball games, outdoor concerts or other events.

While these displays bring delight to people of all ages and fireworks disasters are not common,  accidents can happen. Of course, the majority of fireworks-related accidents occur at home in backyard displays. Nonetheless, if you were injured in a fireworks accident at a personal or public display, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

The Perils of Fireworks

Most fireworks injuries are caused by common mistakes by consumers such as holding onto lit fireworks, short fuses, or lighting fireworks to close to other people and buildings. The risk of injury escalates if there are manufacturing or design defects in the fireworks or inadequate warning labels.

Additionally, there are many ways in which fireworks can malfunction, either by exploding prematurely or in an unexpected way. The dangers are greater for fireworks like roman candles, bottle rockets and other projectiles that take unexpected flight paths and cause injuries to onlookers or damage to nearby building and vehicles.

Although such fireworks are illegal in many states, users can avoid injuries by always following directions on a package, and exercise caution not to injure themselves, others, or cause damage to personal property.

Fireworks Accident Statistics

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2016, fireworks contributed to more than 11,000 injuries and four people died from the direct impact of fireworks. A further looks at the CPSC’s figures shows that:

  • Between 2001 and 2016, there were an average of 7.1 fireworks-related deaths reported each year
  • An estimated 11,100 fireworks injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments
  • 68 percent of the these injuries occurred between June 18 and July 18
  • 61 percent of the injury victims were males, 39 percent were females
  • Children younger than 15 years of age accounted for 31 percent of the injuries
  • Young adults 20 to 24 years of age had the highest rate of treated fireworks injuries
  • 900 treated injuries were associated with sparklers, 400 with bottle rockets, 1,300 with firecrackers (about 4 percent of which were illegal)
  • Most injuries occurred to the hands and fingers (about 33 percent), followed by the head, face, and ears (20 percent), legs (18 percent), eyes (9 percent), and arms (8 percent).
  • Sixty-nine percent of these injuries were burns to all parts of the body, except the eyes, where contusions, lacerations, and foreign objects lodged in the eye were reported.

Legal Remedies for Fireworks Injuries

An individual who is injured in a fireworks accident may be able to recover damages, provided that he or she can show the injuries were the result of another’s negligence.

If a spectator is injured at a public fireworks display, for example, the promoter of the event and the fireworks company may be held liable. Although state law may limit a municipality’s liability,  a town, city or county has a duty to protect onlookers from injuries. In any event, promoters are required to keep spectators at a reasonably safe distance so that they are not injured by the discharge of the fireworks or falling, flaming debris.

If the injury was caused by a fireworks malfunction, it may also be possible to bring a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or the retailer. At the same time, the majority of fireworks are produced overseas, so it may be difficult to identify the negligent party. However, importers of foreign-made fireworks can also be held liable for injuries.

When it comes to backyard displays, there are a host of legal challenges here as well. Let’s say a person is at a neighbor’s barbeque and is injured by fireworks the property owner was lighting. In this situation, it may be possible to bring a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. Finally, whether someone who is injured while lighting fireworks can recover damages depends on a host of factors: Does state law prohibit the use of fireworks? Were there adequate warning labels on the package? Did the fireworks malfunction? Did the user act recklessly and contribute to his or her injuries?

The Takeaway

Public fireworks displays can be awe inspiring, and these events are usually safe for spectators, provided that the promoters and spectators take proper precautions. Similarly, personal use of fireworks are a thrill for many people, but perhaps it’s best to leave it to the professionals. In any event, if you suffered a fireworks injury, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation.

About The Author

Yosi Yahoudai is a founder and the managing partner of J&Y Law. Yosi is an inspired, aggressive and successful advocate for his clients especially those injured by fireworks. He is personally committed to making a difference in his clients’ lives. Nothing makes Yosi happier than getting his clients’ lives back on track.

car accident personal injury lawyer charlotte nc

Your car accident may necessitate hiring a personal injury lawyer. I am a Charlotte personal injury lawyer who handles car accidents every day. As a result, I assist clients with the numerous challenges while advancing a personal injury claim. There are some instances where it’s appropriate to settle your car accident claim without a lawyer. However, experience shows me that in most cases a personal injury lawyer will help you achieve better results than you could on your own.

Is My Accident A Car Accident?

Any injury involving a car typically is covered under the insurance policy for the vehicle. Some obvious examples include being rear-ended, hit by a tractor-trailer, or hit crossing the street. In fact, even a fact scenario where a dog jumps out of a car and the dog bites a passer-by may be covered by the auto insurance policy. Establishing a claim and accessing the insurance policy proceeds is the attorney’s job. As a result, your personal injury lawyer’s examination of the facts and application of them to existing North Carolina case law is key.

Starting An Insurance Claim

Once your personal injury lawyer identifies the appropriate insurance carrier, he starts a claim and the claim is assigned an insurance adjuster. While your lawyer and the adjuster work together throughout the claim, in hopes of settling the claim for an amount you are happy with. At the start of the claim, the lawyer lays the foundation for recovery and establishes that liability falls on the insurance carrier. This point is often argued. Therefore, whether you’re able to recover anything at all depends upon the insurance carrier accepting responsibility for the actions of their insured.

Gathering Medical Bills and Medical Records

Medical billing in a personal injury claim is unique. As a result, crtain medical provider including hospitals, ambulance services, and even your health insurance company are entitled to a lien against settlement proceeds. One of the valuable skills your injury lawyer brings to your car accident claim is identifying appropriate medical billing. Furthermore, your lawyer then negotiates that billing down so that you recover more from the settlement or lawsuit.

Keeping The Client Involved

One of the primary complaints about personal injury lawyers is that they don’t return phone calls. Second, is that they generally don’t keep their clients involved in the process. You should expect regular communication from your lawyer. When I am speaking with a client about their claim, we always establish when we will talk next. As a result, that gives us both the confidence that we will communicate regularly as things progress.

Get Representation Today

If you’ve been in a car accident, we’re here to help. A simple phone call to our office will help you understand your options. The consultation is free and we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like a free evaluation of your case, please click HERE to request a call. Or reach out to us at 704.749.7747. We hope you choose to Recover With Us.