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What Is Workers’ Comp?

Workers compensation or (“Workers’ Comp”) is a state mandated insurance coverage that covers employees when they are hurt on the job. The primary difference between Workers’ Compensation (“Workers’ Comp”) and Personal Injury is that in order to establish a Workers’ Comp claim, you must be employed at the time of the injury, and the injury must be a direct result of the employment.

Entitlements from Workers’ comp include benefits such as medical care, coverage for rehabilitation services, indemnity wage benefits, and in certain cases death benefits. This type of claim does not provide for mental anguish or pain and suffering the way a personal injury claim might provide for such categories of damages.

Scope Of Employment

If you seek Workers’ Comp benefits, the employer will fight to make sure that the injury was within the scope of employment. The scope of employment is a way to determine whether the injury was an  “on the job” injury. This doesn’t require the employee was physically on the employer’s property. Quite often employees perform tasks which take them off the job site, though they are still within the scope of their employment. For example, the employer would more likely be liable if an employee on a construction site was hit by a falling pipe or injured in a trench collapse.

If the same employee was in a car accident while driving to get lunch at a gas station, the employer might argue at the time of the car accident, the employee was not performing his job and was “outside the scope of employment” and therefore the employer is not responsible. Of course, the employee may have a personal injury claim against the individual who hit his vehicle.

Medical Treatment In Workers’ Compensation

The employer or its insurance company has the right to direct the medical treatment of the injured employee. The reasoning for this is that the employer or insurance company will be paying for the treatment. The employee can petition the Industrial Commission of NC to change physicians if good grounds for doing so are established.

If an employer refuses to provide medical treatment in an emergency, the employee can and should seek medical treatment. Shortly following that treatment, the employee should notify the Industrial Commission and request approval retroactively.

Receiving Compensation

No compensation is due for an employee during the first seven days of missed work. However, if the loss of work exceeds twenty-one days then the employee is entitled to be compensated for all lost wages.

Payments for lost wages in a Workers’ Comp claim are made to the employee on a weekly basis, or sometimes on a monthly basis if authorized by the Industrial Commission of NC.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The general formula for Workers’ Comp is 66 2/3 of the average pay per week, not to exceed $978.00 per week. This maximum weekly benefit is revisited and adjusted by the Industrial Commission every year.

You will receive your agreed upon wage until you are able to return to work, at which time your salary our hourly rate will resume and your Workers’ Comp claim will close.

Lawyers Fees In Workers’ Comp

Lawyers fees in Workers’ Comp cases must be approved by the state of NC, the Industrial Commission. Typically, those fees will be approved for up to 25% of the total settlement or award.

The injured employee benefits from this compensation structure in a few ways. First, the employee doesn’t owe the attorney anything if the attorney doesn’t win the case for the employee. Second, because most attorneys will get paid the exact same amount in a Workers’ Comp case, it allows the employee to choose a Workers’ Comp lawyer they want to work with—rather than choose the cheapest attorney for the job.

Call A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Today

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, please call us to find out your rights. We are more than happy to hear your story and give you a complimentary assessment of your case or claim. If we can’t take your case for some reason, we will help refer you to another trusted lawyer or law firm that can assist you. If you’d like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to send us a request for a phone consultation. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Personal Injury is most important to us because it involves your health. Essentially, you are attempting to establish that another party—in a car accident or a slip and fall—is responsible for an injury you sustained. As a result, you are asking to be reimbursed for the expenses, pain and suffering you’ve already sustained, and then additionally asking to be compensated for the same in the future. While every client agrees there’s no amount of money that can make up for lost health, the goal is to obtain fair value for you if you’ve been injured.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Some clients wrestle with the idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer. Perhaps you feel like you’re not the “kind of person who sues people,” or maybe you’re concerned that you could do better settling on your own without paying a lawyer fee. Both of these are legitimate concerns, but we encourage you to move past them. If you’ve been injured, you deserve the protection provided by having someone represent you. Our experience is that hiring a personal injury lawyer generally leads to better results for clients, as compared to taking on the case by themselves.

Your Inexperience Is A Detriment

A primary concern is that the insurance company may try to take advantage of your inexperience. This will manifest itself in seemingly minor ways, but in the end they add up to a significant difference for you, the injured party. You’ll find you’re only being offered the low end of value for your personal property damaged in a car accident; your injuries are being down-played by the adjuster; your lost wages are being challenged as excessive, and your medical treatment sometimes characterized as excessive. These are common strategies employed by the adjuster as negotiation techniques. If you take them to be facts because you aren’t accustomed to negotiating these items, you’ll end up settling for something less than full value.

Contributory Negligence

I get calls every day from clients who have been told by the insurance adjuster that their claim is being denied based on contributory negligence. This is yet another common strategy employed by insurance companies to devalue the claim of the injured. While contributory negligence is an issue in North Carolina, it is often used to convince the injured party they aren’t entitled to be compensated. An experienced personal injury lawyer will examine the facts associated you’re your claim, research the existing case law for similar fact patterns, and identify situations where juries in the past have found in favor of the injured party in circumstances like yours. This assists dramatically in overcoming the contributory negligence argument.

Case Value

Your personal injury lawyer not only has his or her own experience regarding past clients with similar injuries, but also has access to the collective knowledge of other personal injury lawyers in the community, and databases of research which help to determine the reasonable value of a claim based on injuries and factual circumstances. This helps to ensure you’re not settling to less than you deserve.

Negotiating Your Claim

Your lawyer will assist tremendously in negotiating your medical bills. This adds immediate value to your claim because it means more settlement dollars go to you instead of your medical providers. North Carolina has statutory protections for some medical providers which result in medical liens against personal injury settlement awards; however, your lawyer can present a proposed settlement to those medical providers and encourage them to accept a reduced amount of their bill in exchange for getting the case settled quickly. This involves presenting information to the medical providers which shows them not only their pro-rata share as compared to other medical providers, but also establishes with them the uncertainty of proceeding with a lawsuit which could result in the medical provider recovering nothing.

Your Time Is Valuable

Most personal injury cases take months to resolve, especially if the company feels they are not responsible. When you are represented by an injury lawyer, the stress and anxiety associated with communicating with the insurance company falls on the law firm, not on you. You’re able to get on with your life, knowing the law firm is moving your case forward by collecting medical records, medical billing, and negotiating your settlement with the adjuster.

Best Results

While I never promise specific results to clients, our experience is that clients rights are better protected with a personal injury law firm on their side. That protection manifests itself in many ways, one of which is knowing you’re receiving full value for your claim. Once a claim is settled and you release the insurance company and the at-fault party, there is no turning back. Our belief is it’s in your best interest to have professional guidance during this process.

Paying Your Lawyer

Our firm traditionally works on a contingency basis. This means “we don’t get paid unless you get paid.” We love this arrangement because we believe it inspires the law firm to always act in the best interest of the client. You can count on the fact that the lawyer isn’t working just for the sake of getting paid by the hour—they’re working on your case because they believe in the case. Similarly, when you receive an offer which is ‘low’ or under value, you can count on your attorney communicating that to you. Maximizing your settlement amount is in the interest of both you and your attorney. Similarly, if you receive a reasonable or fair offer, you’ll find your attorney will communicate this to you as well. The decision is always your as to whether to settle, but it’s a tough decision and it helps to know the lawyer is on the same side of the table as you.

If you or someone you love has been injured by fault of a company please call us to find out your rights. We are more than happy to hear your story and give you a complimentary assessment of your case or claim. If we can’t take your case for some reason, we will help refer you to another trusted lawyer or law firm who can assist you. If you’d like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to send us a request for a phone consultation. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Commercial vehicle accidents are quite common in North Carolina. Commercial Vehicles are the cause of 10 injuries or deaths a month in our state. The drivers of these vehicles have jobs; and with these jobs comes a schedule that their pay depends upon. Commercial vehicle drivers have to make deliveries on time and in unfortunate situations this may lead to fatigue, stress, or putting the delivery time over the safety of other drivers or pedestrians. The laws protecting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are different. This article focuses on passengers or drivers in a car accident. If you were injured as a pedestrian, you can read more about pedestrian accidents on our site.

Trucks vs. Cars

There are a wide range of Commercial Vehicles. For instance some companies need an eighteen wheeler, while others accomplish their corporate job with a normal passenger vehicle. If you are involved in an accident with an eighteen wheeler then the results are typically much more dire than those resulting from an accident with a passenger vehicle in the same circumstances.

These vehicles carry heavy industrial items which, when reaching impact with another vehicle at high speeds, cause dramatic and often traumatic injuries and damage. Additionally, Commercial Vehicles are multiple times larger than the average private vehicle, leading to quite different results in the event of an accident. We’ve all driven past a tractor-trailer accident on a highway—sometimes displaying the frightening results of these accidents, including an over-turned vehicle, a crushed passenger vehicle, or worse.

Insurance In A Commercial Vehicle Accident

A common question that comes from clients who have been in these accidents is: Whose insurance is going to pay for the property damage and the bodily injury? Depending upon the specific facts of the accident, the answer may vary. If the driver is employed by the company, we typically look to the corporate insurance policy. If it is determined that the driver is an independent contractor, your personal injury lawyer will help you decide which insurance provider to pursue, if not both.

Additionally, factual questions must be answered, in an attempt to predict the response from the at fault driver. Sometimes these inquiries lead to a discovery that the driver may have done something with the vehicle that had nothing to do with the job for which they were hired. If a UPS truck driven by a UPS employee suddenly hits you or your vehicle while carrying out a delivery, then the company is liable, but if the driver drives the truck to their daughter’s birthday party in the course of that ‘errand’ causes an accident, the argument can be made that the driver was doing something for which the company was not liable. Additionally, intentional acts outside the scope of employment may lead to different outcomes.

Post-Accident Actions

Police reports associated with the Commercial Vehicle accident can assist in supporting your claim that the other driver was at fault. It is always recommended to call the police and insist on not only exchanging driver information but also insist on the generation of a police report. If you were hit by another driver but there is absolutely no evidence of that other than your account, you will have a much harder time establishing fault and liability. Police reports are important because they also establish the location, time, and identification of all parties and of the accident. If you were in an accident and have not obtained your police report, we are happy to do it for you at no charge. Just call us and we’ll ask a few questions to help us identify the report online and download it. Or, if you’d like to do it yourself, you can do so HERE for a small fee from the County. You’ll need your driver exchange crash form or enough information about the accident to help their automated system identify the report.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are injured in an accident, it’s advisable to seek medical attention immediately. Immediate medical attention can prevent further health complications which can develop quickly on the heels of an accident. Internal bleeding and other injuries are sometimes not detectable or noticeable just after an accident—only a medical professional can assure you that you are not injured, or treat the injuries you do have. Additionally, an insurance company will hold it against you if you wait to seek medical attention. They quite often argue that if you were injured in the accident you would have sought medical attention immediately. Alternatively, they argue that if you waited to seek medical attention, perhaps your injury actually occurred some time between the accident and the time you sought medical attention. Either claim by an insurance company can lead to a lowered value in your case.

Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been struck by a Commercial Vehicle, please call us to find out your rights. We are more than happy to hear your story and give you a complimentary assessment of your case or claim. If we can not take your case for some reason, we will help to refer you to another lawyer that we trust, who can assist you. If you’d like to speak with an attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click HERE to send us a request for a phone consultation. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

If you’re involved in a car accident with a commercial vehicle, chances are you have a serious injury. The increased size and weight of commercial vehicles make car accidents more severe than most car accidents occurring between two privately owned vehicles.

Serious Injuries Deserve Serious Legal Attention

If you have serious injuries from a commercial vehicle accident, it makes it even more important that you obtain competent legal representation by hiring a personal injury lawyer. Not only do you have more to lose when your injuries are more severe, but you’ll probably also be dealing with a sophisticated legal team representing the commercial vehicle—having your own representation could make the difference between a horrible legal result and a fair legal result.

The Value Of Your Commercial Vehicle Accident

As a personal injury lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m exposed every day to stories about commercial vehicle accidents. I also pride myself on providing advice to individuals who are trying to wade through the waters of settling a personal injury claim. My biggest fear is that someone will feel pressured by an insurance company to accept significantly less than what I believe they deserve, in a situation where they’ve been in a commercial vehicle accident.

While the value of every claim or case differs, the serious nature of commercial vehicle accidents lend themselves to higher medical bills and medical liens, long-term damages, and pain and suffering often not associated with a more minor car accident. Your personal injury lawyer will guard you against being taken advantage of by the other driver’s insurance adjuster or lawyer.

Paying Your Personal Injury Lawyer

We know most clients don’t have money to come out of pocket to hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue their claim. As a result, our firm almost always works on a contingency fee basis, which means that “We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid.” Not only does this arrangement help to minimize any financial risk on your part, but it also means your lawyer will be honest with you at all costs—there’s no sense in a lawyer convincing you that you have a great case, if the lawyer is only going to get paid if they win it for you. This results in good communication and expectations between the personal injury lawyer and the client, and keeps trust high between the two.

Schedule A Phone Consultation Today

If you’ve been in a commercial vehicle accident, or have any other type of personal injury claim, please feel free to request a phone call HERE, or call us at 704.749.7747 and we’ll discuss your case today. There’s no pressure to hire our firm—we’re here to answer questions and help you make a decision about what to do next. If you do decide to hire a personal injury lawyer, we hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

When you’re in a car accident in Charlotte, NC, you’ll most likely be given a Crash Report Exchange Slip by the attending officer. This form is meant to provide basic information about the car accident, as well as information about the drivers and vehicles involved in the car accident.

The Crash Report Exchange Slip is not what we think of as the police report for the accident. The Crash Report Exchange Slip has information on how to obtain a copy of your police report from www.cpmd.org. Once at the website, you’ll need to enter the accident number given at the top right of the Crash Report Exchange Slip, at which time you’ll be given an opportunity to purchase your full police report for five dollars.

Free Police Report

If you’d like to have us analyze your police report for you, you can skip purchasing the report on your own and let us do it for you. While on the phone, we can obtain the report and review it with you. We will also email you a copy after the phone call. Typically, the police report will have information about both drivers and their vehicles, as well as a summary from the police officer about the facts surrounding the accident. If there were witnesses who volunteered their contact information, that information will also be contained in the police report.

Understanding Your Rights In A Personal Injury Matter

Interpreting the police report will help you determine whether you are likely to recover from the other driver’s insurance company, and often provide enough information for your personal injury lawyer to start a claim on your behalf for property damage and for personal injury. This is true whether you are in a major accident or even a fender bender or minor accident. It’s also true whether you were injured as a driver or as a passenger in the accident. The police report will also help to provide information indicating whether Contributory Negligence will be an issue in recovery.

Working With A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident, we would be happy to discuss your rights with you. Our firm is happy to discuss our interpretation of the police report, listen to your story, and let you know whether we believe the other driver will be responsible for your property damage and your personal injury. A phone consultation is free and it’s important to take action quickly if you want to preserve your rights after a car accident. If you’d like to speak with a personal injury lawyer today, click HERE to request a call. Or, you can call us at 704.749.7747. We devote our practice to helping people recover after a personal injury. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

Soft Tissue Injury Settlements

The average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC depends on many factors. In considering the value of your auto accident claim, the insurance adjuster and your personal injury lawyer will negotiate property damage, medical billing, medical liens, Medicare and Medicaid liens, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Additionally, if there are any “Special damages” you personal injury lawyer will make the case for those.

Medical Bills In Personal Injury

Medical bills in personal injury differ from normal medical bills. In essence, your medical billing is a function of the value of your claim. Your personal injury lawyer will collect and submit all medical billing to the insurance adjuster in charge of the claim. Additionally, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate your medical bills if your settlement is not high enough to pay for the medical bills.

Medicare and Medicaid In Personal Injury

If you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, there may be a Medicare or Medicaid lien against your settlement proceeds. This is unique to personal injury and your lawyer will obtain the lien amount from Medicare or Medicaid, and include it in the total billing submitted to the adjuster with your demand package.

Health Insurance Liens In Personal Injury

Another factor in the average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC is whether there is a health insurance lien against settlement proceeds. Typically, you make your monthly payments and health insurance pays for your treatment; however, in a personal injury scenario, if there is a settlement then the health insurance company may be entitled to some portion of the proceeds of the settlement.

Lost Wages In Personal Injury

Your lost wages need to be verified by your employer. Your personal injury lawyer will have your employer sign off on a lost wages affidavit and present it to the insurance adjuster. Depending upon the injury and the medical records accompanying the lost wages affidavit, the average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC can change dramatically if there are lost wages.

Special Damages In Personal Injury

There are some instances where a personal injury accident in Charlotte, NC leads to missed family events like a graduation or a family trip. In these cases, your personal injury lawyer will provide documentation that the auto accident or slip and fall was the direct result of the missed event, and value it appropriately when calculating your damages with the insurance adjuster. This is true even for minor accidents or fender benders.

Speak With A Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer

While personal injury lawyers do get paid a portion of your settlement, our experience has been that our clients do better with a personal injury lawyer than without one. If you’d like to speak with a lawyer today, please request a call HERE, or call us at 704.749.7747. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.


We know the last thing you want to need is a Charlotte auto accident lawyer. However, we can’t always control what life throws our way. If you were in an auto accident in or near Charlotte, NC, we recommend you call a personal injury lawyer before you do something which might hurt your case. Any Charlotte auto accident lawyer should be willing to speak with you about your situation and give you an honest answer as to whether they can help or not.

Free Personal Injury Consultation

You’ve heard it over and over, but the phone consultation is free. And there’s no question you can ask that isn’t worthy of an answer. Even if you just need help understanding something an insurance company sent you to sign, we’re here to help. Keep in mind that our job is to protect your interests as an injured party, so the advice we provide will be tailored toward that goal.

Our office hears from potential clients every day by telephone, email and internet requests. Not every consultation results in representation, but we try to be sure each consultation provides the injured individual with more knowledge than they had before they reached out to us. If you do choose to hire us, our promise is to get the best result possible for you and keep you updated along the way.

Working With A Charlotte Auto Accident Lawyer

This blog contains a few posts with information related to working with a Charlotte auto accident lawyer, and the reason for that is we want to set an expectation from the very beginning that we are here to serve you and take the stress of dealing with an injury claim off of you. Working with an auto accident lawyer shouldn’t be frustrating. You deserve to be updated regularly about the progress on your claim or case, and we promise to do that throughout the representation.

Settling An Auto Accident Claim

Having a Charlotte auto accident lawyer represent you in settling an auto accident claim can make a crucial difference vs. going it alone. The auto accident lawyer not only gathers all billing and medical liens associated with the claim, but also provides the insurance adjuster with the medical records required to establish your injury and the value of your injury. Without the experienced guidance of an auto accident lawyer to guide the way, it’s easy to fall victim to strategies and tactics used by insurance companies to give you the least amount possible in order to settle your claim.

Negotiating Medical Bills

One aspect of maximizing your settlement involves negotiating your medical bills. Much like negotiating with an insurance adjuster, negotiating with hospitals and doctors to lower your bills is not an enjoyable exercise. Our office has working relationships with medical facilities all throughout the area, and we have experience negotiating your bills down based upon your settlement amount. This means less of your settlement goes to doctors, and more of it goes to you.

Speak With A Charlotte Auto Accident Lawyer Today

Don’t wait. The call is free and we’re happy to provide the guidance you deserve. There’s no obligation to hire us and answering phone calls is part of the job of any Charlotte auto accident lawyer. You can reach us at 704.749.7747 or request a call HERE. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

If you are a passenger in a car accident, there’s a helpless feeling that comes along with it—you had nothing to do with whether there was an accident or not. You weren’t driving the vehicle you were in, and certainly you weren’t driving the other vehicle. Truthfully though, passengers in a car accident often experience the worst injuries. Here are some tips for moving forward if you’ve been injured.

Insist On A Police Report

Even if both drivers are interested in moving on, for one reason or another, you should strongly encourage calling a police officer to the scene. The officer will establish a record of the accident including the date and time, all individuals present, and quite often leave notes in the report as to who the officer believes was at fault. Additionally, having an officer on hand helps to insure that the parties provide accurate information as to how to contact each individual and what motor vehicle insurance they may have.

Seek Medical Treatment

The biggest mistake injured passengers make is not seeking medical treatment. Sometimes it’s because the passenger doesn’t think they are hurt, as is the case with a minor accident or “fender bender”. Other times, it’s because the passenger doesn’t have health insurance or money to pay the out-of-pocket or deductible that comes with health insurance. In the personal injury legal world, however, seeking health treatment very quickly is key to preserving your ability to be compensated for your injury.

Insurance adjusters view a delay in treatment as a sign that either a) your injury wasn’t legitimate, or b) your injury happened after the car accident and before you sought treatment. In other words, it’s not the insurance company’s responsibility.

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re a passenger in a car accident, there are multiple insurance policies which may come into play when settling your personal injury claim. First, a determination must be made as to who is the at-fault driver. Whether it’s the other vehicle or the vehicle you were traveling in, a personal injury lawyer will establish a claim on your behalf and set forth the facts, supported by law, which establish fault.

If your injury is severe and you exhaust the insurance policy limits on the at-fault driver’s policy, you can pursue the insurance policy limits on the other vehicle. The minimum insurance policy limits for a motor vehicle are $30,000 per bodily injury or $60,000 total bodily injury for all persons in the accident. § 20-279.21.  “Motor vehicle liability policy” defined.

For injuries and medical bills which justify a larger recovery, your personal injury lawyer will pursue additional policies via underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. This is a function of motor vehicle law.

Start With A Consultation

It’s important to understand your rights and recover damages that you’re entitled to as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior. We are happy to discuss your case with you and provide guidance. There’s no charge for the consultation, and it can be done in person or over the phone. If you’d like to speak with a personal injury lawyer today, call 704.749.7747 and we will help you move forward. Or, you can click HERE to request a phone call at a time of your choosing. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

If you are a passenger in a car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are in a unique position. Essentially, the accident wasn’t your fault. This eliminates the question of liability, which plaintiffs’ attorneys struggle with each and every day. This means contributory negligence will not be a factor for you. The added layer of complexity that comes with being a passenger in a car accident relates to dealing with insurance companies, and a personal injury attorney can assist with this.

Passenger Injuries

The injuries a passenger in a car accident sustains can often be worse than those of the driver of either vehicle. This is because of the build of the vehicles, the drivers’ natural reaction to turn ‘away’ from the approaching vehicle, and the lack of back seat shoulder harnesses in older vehicles. Injured passengers of course face the challenge of medical treatment, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and every other down-side to being injured in a car accident.

Insurance Negotiations

Hiring a Charlotte personal injury lawyer to assist with your recovery is a wise decision if you’re a passenger in a car accident. The lawyer will sort through the liability issue and determine which driver was at fault, and begin a claim on your behalf with the appropriate insurance company. Additionally, North Carolina has under-insured motorist coverage provisions which may mean you can recover from more than one insurance policy. This can often double the amount of funds available, to help you recover from your injury.

Find Out More

If you’d like to speak with a personal injury attorney about your rights as a passenger in a car accident, please give us a call at 704.749.7747. You’ll speak to an attorney today. You can also contact us online HERE, and we will call or email you to discuss your case. We hope you choose to Recover With Us.

Prior to hiring a Charlotte personal injury lawyer, you should do some homework, including reading Charlotte personal injury lawyer reviews. While there may be a personal injury review which is unreliable, generally speaking, the reviews clients leave about personal injury lawyers give you insight into what it’s like to work with that particular lawyer. If you’d like to hear what our clients have to say, click HERE.

Here are a few items to look for when reading Charlotte personal injury lawyer reviews:

  • Returning email and phone calls – Returning phone calls and emails is a large part of a law practice. It boils down to keeping your client updated as to the status of their personal injury case. While there are many great personal injury lawyers in Charlotte, not being able to get a return phone call will create a horrible experience for the client.
  • Medical records retrieval and billing retrieval – While every review won’t mention it, you should not see a review mentioning that the client had to retrieve their own medical records or billing. By having a Charlotte-based personal injury practice, a personal injury lawyer has developed relationships with the large medical providers in the area, and can quickly retrieve bills and records for the client.
  • Understanding the personal injury settlement process— Most clients are only involved in one personal injury claim in their lives. Because of this, the law firm should take on the responsibility of making sure the client understands the process, every step of the way. A great review will usually mention how the law firm simplified the process and helped the client understand it.
  • Clear fee agreements— Your fee agreement with your Charlotte personal injury lawyer should not be complicated. There are a few ways to structure fees with a personal injury lawyer, but regardless, as the client you deserve to understand from day one how and when the attorney gets paid. It’s your right to know.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury, we would love to speak with you. Whether you’re looking to hire a lawyer today, or just have questions about the process, we are here to help. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.

If you’d like a personal injury lawyer to call you today (or another day this week) just click HERE and let us know. You can always reach us directly at 704.749.7747.