My firm has been getting an abnormally high amount of calls regarding dog bites in Charlotte recently. If you’ve been bitten by a dog you may have a personal injury case against the dog’s owner or caretaker. Seeking help from a Charlotte personal injury lawyer is imperative, as these cases are unique and often insurance companies do not want to compensate you fairly for your injuries.

Who Suffers Most?

Statistics from a study conducted covering 1982 to 2013 sheds some light on the types of dogs that routinely attack children. The top three breeds attacking children are Pitt bulls, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. During the period studied, Pit bulls attacked 1114 children, Rottweilers 290, and German Shepherds 63. Interestingly, Pit bulls are noted for attacking adults at nearly the same rate as they attack children.

What Are The Typical Injuries?

Depending upon the breed and numerous other factors, the typical injuries from dog bites can be anything from minor abrasions to death. Especially in children, a dog bite attack often leads to emotional complexities down the road when relating to animals. What separates Pit bulls and their related breeds apart from others in the dog bite category is that Pit bull attacks lead to death far more often than the attacks of any other breed.

What Is The Trend?  

Unfortunately, the trend is upwards. More dogs are attacking more often. Despite some high profile cases including that of Michael Vick (2007), Pit bull attacks have actually more than doubled in the past 7 years since Vick’s conviction.

Dog Bite Lawsuits

NC General Statutes Chapter 67 address dog bites and the law that governs them. Owners suffer misdemeanor penalties if their dog attacks causing more than $100 of medical treatment. Additionally, there is strict liability for civil damages. A dog bite personal injury case falls under the civil provision. Strict liability in this regard exists if the dog possessed a vicious propensity and the owner knew or should have known. Whether the dog was on a leash, whether the dog was provoked, and local ordinances regarding dogs are also taken into account.

Call An Attorney

If you have any questions about a dog bite or dog attack and would like to speak with a personal injury attorney in Charlotte about your situation, please call 704.749.7747. The call is free and I’m here to help.

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