Charlotte, NC Car Accident, Personal Injury Lawyer

We take on new car accident cases every day in our office, and we serve clients from Charlotte, Matthews, Gastonia, or anywhere else in North Carolina. Whether your accident was a minor accident or one which led to major injuries, our legal team is interested in hearing from you. We provide consultations immediately by phone—or at a scheduled time of your choice—and we analyze your case at no charge.

We know you have choices when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer. While it is our belief that many personal injury law firms in Charlotte can help you achieve a fair result during settlement or at trial, we believe that working with our firm is different.  We know the experience you will have from day one will reflect this.

You Deserve Access To An Attorney

You will always be able to reach your attorney at The Layton Law Firm. While a personal injury lawyer’s schedule can sometimes be busy with client meetings or days in court, we understand that you deserve to communicate directly with a lawyer. We know you’ll love the entire team here, and we make it our job to keep you up to date on your claim, understand your goals, and inform you about our strategy for getting you the results you deserve.

You Deserve Regular Updates

One of the biggest complaints to the State Bar is the failure of law firms and lawyers to communicate with their clients. We pride ourselves on providing regular updates, returning phone calls, and helping to move your claim or case forward as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Many of our clients are out of work due to their injuries, so we are sensitive to the need to reach a resolution in a timely manner. If you ever feel as though your claim is moving too slowly, tell us. We’re here to make your experience an enjoyable one, despite the circumstances that brought us together.

Let Us Handle It

Whether it’s dealing with insurance adjusters, medical providers, or mechanics, our firm wants to take the stress out of your personal injury claim. While we believe you will achieve better results by working with a personal injury attorney than without one, we know that one reason to hire us is so you can get back to your job and your life, rather than spend all your time focusing on your personal injury claim. It’s exhausting communicating back and forth with insurance companies, and managing the many aspects associated with a personal injury claim: let us handle it.

Recover With Us

Our firm motto is Recover With Us. This reflects our desire to help you regain control over your life after a devastating event like a car accident or other personal injury. It also reflects our belief that your choice of personal injury law firm is a meaningful choice. We know you didn’t choose to be in a car accident. We know you didn’t choose to be placed in a situation where you need a lawyer. We hope you will choose to Recover With Us.

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