Motorcycle accidents represent 12 percent of fatal traffic deaths in North Carolina, according to an analysis by AAA of the Carolinas. Mecklenburg County represents one of the leading counties in the state. Charlotte, NC is of course at the top of the list of cities inside the county for accidents. As a personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC, any time I get a phone call about a motorcycle accident it is always serious.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Unique

There are many instances in which a car would not be involved in an accident, but if you’re riding a motorcycle, the result is different. Here are three examples of where a motorcycle is more susceptible to an accident:

  • A car turns left in front of you – because motorists do not see motorcycles the way they see other vehicles, the chance of a vehicle turning left in front of the motorcycle are increased.
  • Gravel in a blind corner – while not technically an accident with another vehicle, from the motorcyclist’s perspective, it’s a concern nonetheless. Turning a corner to find loose gravel or leaves in the roadway means a potential loss of control when the front wheel hits the loose debris in the the path.
  • A car changes lanes into you – motorcycles fit into blind spots. Another motorist thinks they are making a clear, safe change and simply doesn’t see the motorcyclist. With an increase in aggressive driving on the part of all motorists, motorcyclists have to learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Are Unique

As you might imagine, successfully negotiating a motorcycle accident claim, or trying a motorcycle accident case, requires special attention. There are inherent biases against motorcyclists as it relates to behavior on the road. This can lead to an unjustified low value of the claim by an insurance adjuster. The assumption is somehow the motorcyclist contributed to the accident.

Your injuries as a motorcyclist are dramatically more pronounced, all other factors being equal. This means a different pain and suffering quotient should be used to value the ongoing loss of enjoyment of life for the victim. As juries are generally unfavorable toward motorcyclists, the issue becomes more complicated. A trusted personal injury attorney is a necessity in getting a fair result for the client.

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