While we commonly think of all accidents on the road as vehicular accidents, when it comes to personal injury in North Carolina, truck accidents are unique.

Federal Trucking Regulations

Unlike an accident that occurs between two individuals in their personally owned vehicles, an accident involving a truck driver driving for employment has different considerations.

From the plaintiff’s perspective, there are numerous ways in which negligence can be established in truck accidents. Trucking companies and their drivers are subjected to numerous federal trucking regulations related to safety on the road—both in the operation of and maintenance of, the vehicle.

Web of Insurance Providers

Often, there are numerous insurance providers or insurance companies involved in the successful litigation of a personal injury case where a commercial truck is involved. An experienced personal injury attorney will properly identify the carriers who have an obligation to insure the behavior of the trucking company and driver, and help protect you from losing out on money available to compensate  you for your damages.

Investigating Company Policy

Quite often, negligence can be found at the company level based on an investigation of their policies regarding driver retention and driver training. If there are inconsistencies regarding the driver’s record or if the company’s policies do not meet the required standards, your personal injury attorney may be able to establish negligence on your behalf.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney

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