According to some statistics, there are more than 36,000 nursing facility residents in North Carolina. The decision to place your parent or any person close to you in a nursing home should be made with confidence. Knowing your loved one will not be a victim of nursing home abuse is critical. The elderly need advanced medical attention and care, and nursing homes provide care loved ones are incapable of providing. However, overcrowding, under-funding and over-worked employees often lead to nursing home abuse and neglect. You’re entitled to know your rights.

The CDC has recently released a report that claims that more than half a million of adults aged 60 or above are neglected, exploited or abused every year in the United States. In addition, about 15% of the elderly may deal with some kind of abuse or neglect. Only 20% of these cases are actually reported.

The Signs of Abuse

Nursing home abuse ranges from physical to emotion and can include sexual abuse as well as neglect. In order to determine if you or your elderly loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, look for the signs. Some of these signs include: bruising, dehydration, dirty clothing, abrupt changes in finances, improper medical or dental care, fatigue, and poor hygiene.

Nursing Home Abuse and Personal Injury

It is crucial to understand that nursing home abuse and neglect is considered personal injury in North Carolina and gives rise to a valid reason to seek compensation. By finding a good personal injury attorney in North Carolina you will be able to get all your questions answered and begin protecting your loved one from further abuse while seeking compensation for past nursing home neglect or abuse.

In addition to on-site abuse and neglect, nursing home facilities can also be held accountable for neglectful transport of an individual– if your loved one has been in a passenger in a car accident while being transported by a nursing home or agent of the nursing home you may have a claim.

The Emotional Side

Not only is placing a loved one under the care of a nursing home facility difficult, but for many clients the decision to hire a personal injury attorney to assist with a nursing home abuse claim is also difficult. The victim may fear retaliation by the nursing home, or an eviction from the nursing home if the facility finds out you’re pursuing a claim against them. While these are valid concerns, it is all the more reason to consult a personal injury lawyer and take steps to further separate your loved one from the facility.

If you suspect that something is wrong or has gone wrong with the care of you or a family member,  consult an experienced personal injury attorney in North Carolina. An attorney that has experience and knowledge will immediately help you clarify your options. Not only will you save your loved ones from additional suffering in the form of abuse and neglect, you’ll play a critical role in preventing this abuse from happening to others.

Consult A Personal Injury Attorney

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