If you are employed at the time of your injury, and if your injury is a direct result of your employment, you may be entitled to Workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for all employers who have three or more employees in North Carolina.

What Type Of Injuries Are Covered

Any injuries which are the direct result of your employment are potentially covered by Workers’ Compensation. An exception would be an injury which is the result of behavior at work that is in violation of workplace policy.

On the job injuries can range from back and shoulder injuries, to repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, if an employee is injured on scaffolding or on the construction job site, those type of injuries are commonly recoverable in Workers’ Compensation. Employees who experience health problems due to hazardous conditions such as toxic materials on the job, or poor air quality may also have a viable Workers’ Compensation claim.

Suing For Negligence

One thing to keep in mind is that if you proceed under Workers’ Compensation, you can’t sue the same employer for negligence by way of a personal injury lawsuit. You won’t need to do that, however, as Workers’ Compensation is designed to compensate you for the medical expenses related to the injury, your future health needs, your lost wages both past present and future, together with any disability you may experience because of the injury.

Speak With An Attorney

If you were injured at the workplace, or employed at the time you were injured, we would be happy to hear from you. An attorney will help you sort through your options whether it involves Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury. Just request a consultation HERE, or call 704.749.7747 and speak to a lawyer today. We hope you choose to Recover With Us.

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