Pedestrian Accidents

Our client was a pedestrian crossing the street in the evening. He was not in a crosswalk and was wearing dark clothing when he was struck by a vehicle. He suffered numerous broken bones and spent days in the intensive care unit. The claim was originally denied by the insurance company representing the driver. After diligently preparing the claim for the filing of a lawsuit, we were able to eventually settle the claim for the full insurance policy limits, plus the full insurance policy limits on two other policies.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Our client slipped in the entranceway to a hospital and suffered neck, back and shoulder injuries. The weather was rainy and icy. The claim was denied on the basis that our client should have been aware of the icy conditions and that she had pre-existing injuries from an auto accident. We filed a lawsuit and the suit was settled to our client’s satisfaction just before the trial started.

Our client slipped and fell on a liquid in a grocery store checkout aisle. She suffered injuries requiring surgery to her shoulder, and anticipated a second surgery in the future, due to the accident. The liquid was spilled on the floor by another customer. Another law firm tried unsuccessfully to settle the claim. Our firm re-submitted the claim with our theory of liability, and we were able to reach a settlement our client was happy to accept.

Car Accidents

Our client was in an auto accident with her two minor children when their vehicle was rear-ended. The mother suffered major injuries and was pregnant at the time of the accident. The two children suffered minor injuries. We agreed to represent all three individuals and litigate the claim if necessary. After lengthy negotiations, all three claims settled to the satisfaction of the mother and father. The claims for the children were small and as such, we agreed to handle them at no cost to the family.
Our client was a passenger in an auto accident when their vehicle was t-boned in an intersection. Our client broke her leg and suffered minor injuries to her back and shoulder. She missed out on her senior year of high school track and field, together with other events which we argued constituted special damages in her claim. We were able to settle this claim to our client’s satisfaction prior to filing a lawsuit.

Our client was a passenger in an accident when her driver attempted to avoid a police sobriety checkpoint. The driver led the police on a high-speed chase which ended in a ditch on the side of the road. Our client suffered serious traumatic brain injuries and was discharged from the Army Reserves due to the injuries from the accident. After months of back and forth with the insurance company, and numerous steps taken toward litigation, we were able to settle the claim to our client’s full satisfaction.